THE Skiing reference in 'Le Revard'
Bulletin neige Savoie Grand Revard
Au sommet (1500m)
145cm -6°c Neige
En bas (1200m)
100cm -4°c Neige
Dernière chute
5cm 31/01/2012
Mis à jour : 16/02/2012 - 09h12
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We offer skis according to your level and your desires.
Direct access to the slopes. Large parking area in front of the store.
Specialist group. Access to disabled

Opportunity to leave your equipment for free in the evening and find your shoes dry the next day. Reserve your equipment in advance.

Revard Sport

Rental equipment:
* Ski, snowboard, mini-ski snowblading helmet
* skating, classic, snowshoes, sleds (flywheel), BB door
* Wide selection of sledges for all ages

Take advantage of our cheap rates and guarding of materials for free.

Cheaper rates from 2 consecutive rental days . Shoes dried and disinfected every night.
  For a better slide, do not forget to maintain your equipment regularly.
  Our workshop will advise you for a complete renovative w
axing of your shoes soles.
  Ski Rental for the season as from € 85 - Holidays Cheques accepted

  Sales of clothing and accessories, brand new, large selection of hats, gloves, goggles,
  accessories for adults and children.
   New: Household linens for rental and baby kit
  Everything to make your stay in the resort!
For more information or reservation,
  Contact us on 04 79 54 00 58
Open 7/7

Revard Sport - Place de la Crémaillère - 73100 Le Revard
Ski rental, Nordic skiing, Snowboarding, mini-ski, snowblade, helmets, snowshoes, sledges, baby carriers --- Ski clothes & Accessories
Revard ski resort - 'Domaine' Savoie Grand Revard - Savoie - France
2010/2012 - Conception Charlotte PointCom pour Revard Sport Location